In 2002, Stark begins his own company's team applied research in the field of clinical solutions - prosthetic suited to solve partial or total edentulous, identifying broad areas of innovation in mobile applications prostheses.

After 3 years of research, both clinical and technical disclosure and marketing start the best material for the execution of prostheses.

All these years our team has always privileged of humble and methodical work, excluding elections lightweight and going in the opposite market trends in various occasions, knowing well that is a long path that would bring quality medical devices offer a level of satisfaction unprecedented for both doctor and patient.

Because of this philosophy, which favored research clinical excellence to looking turnover, working hand in hand with physicians and laboratories across Europe, we have become the reference point of the sector, both for our clinical partners and techniques, and the reference point for the whole competition.

During these years, R & D Stark invented unprecedented products, such as flexible lining for artificial indirect, direct Valplast lining, gypsum with highest baking expansion coefficient and the like.

Edentulous bone atrophy and contrast being at the center of our studies, inevitably we started to dedicate ourselves to implants sector, identifying revolutionary opportunities in clinical and technical progress.

In 2010 it arose a permanent study group in the R & D Stark dedicated to the niche applications of the implants, which led us to experience unexplored applications and create novel solutions Clinical prosthetic.

After 13 years of diligent work we feel that we have a duty to share with you encountered the evidence and clinical benefits arising therefrom, inviting you to join us in developing prosthetic clinical solutions which are always the reference for the sector as our DNA.

impiantiReference implantation systems analysis now provides physicians and clinical outcomes evidence, prompted the company Stark to create new production protocols unique in the panorama of dental industry.

Stark firm he set up the production process focusing not only to provide the most appropriate implant systematic but more deeply integrating all phases from the clinical design to conditioning equipment.

We created production lines adapted to the

macchinarirequirements applying programs that go beyond regulatory standards and quality benchmarks.

The production process uses equipment  Full-Delog™ made at the direct request by the Stark firm and adopts unique patented protocols, performed in average of ISO4 and in peak of ISO3, that is 100,000 times more selective than the standards adopted within the sector.

This allows our equipment osteo-leading performance higher than the current "state of the art" and a level of decontamination that has not yet been provided to physicians.